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Protecting yourself and your family

Protecting yourself and your family

Family Trust Plus Estate Plan

A robust way to protect yourself and your family, whatever may happen..

Our Family Trust Plus Estate Plan is a robust and effective strategy for protecting yourself and multiple generations of your family. It takes care of all the issues that may get in the way of your other half and your children safely inheriting from you, and also keeps you fully in control of your choices in later life.

With our Family Trust Plus Estate Plan, you benefit from the protection of: -

A Family Trust Will.

A Memorandum of Wishes.

A Deed of Severance.

An Advance Directive.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs.


The cost of a Family Trust Plus Estate Plan is £1200 if you are single and £1800 if you are a couple, together with the £82 the Office of the Public Guardian will require to register each of your Powers of Attorney.

"We decided to seek advice about estate planning because we wanted to understand how to efficiently protect our assets and pass them safely to our children and grandchildren. We also wanted to put as much help in place for our family as possible, so as to make things as easy as possible for them when the time comes. We liked Gina’s patient and diligent manner in answering our questions and guiding us to the right solutions. Gina explained everything to us with great clarity, making concepts we were unfamiliar with accessible and clear. We particularly liked the fact that Gina came to see us in our own home without our having to make a special request; this is just the way she works. It was so much easier for us to relax and talk freely in the comfort and privacy of our home. Having put the right estate plan in place we feel that we have ticked a big box. This was something we knew we had to get round to. Now it is done and sorted and we don't have to worry about it anymore. We have also gained a clear understanding of the measures that have been put in place and why they are important. "

Matt & Betty R

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