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Keeping your Will Up to Date

Is your Will Still Fit for Purtpose?

Updating your Will

Your Will is only fit for its purpose if it's up to date.

On average, major evolutions in our family lives, such as births, marriages, divorces and deaths, mean that our lives and relationships change substantially every seven to ten years.

Consequently, it is wise to review your will every seven to ten years to make sure that it still reflects your wishes and the composition of your family.

Instead of adding a “codicil” to your will, it is best practice to re-write and re-execute your will altogether, and this is a service that we make easily available to you at your convenience.

Once your Will has been created, we will save its contents securely and permanently on a Cloud server for you, which makes it easy for you to update the wording and have a new will created to reflect your new circumstances.

 You can make one-off updates as and when required, or alternatively, our Unlimited Lifetime Updates service is available, which enables you to update your will unlimited times throughout your life.

Updating your existing Will costs £90 for an individual and £150 for a couple.


"You are so efficient, which is really impressive - thanks, Gina."

Neil Ridpath, Financial Advisor

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