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Making it Clear

Making it Clear

Memorandum of Wishes

Memorandum of wishes


A Memorandum of Wishes is a confidential document which accompanies your will. It has three main uses:

  • With a Traditional Will, it is normally used to set out detailed instructions about your personal belongings and jewellery, specifying which items should be given to whom.
  • With a Family Trust Will, its function is to give your Trustees more detailed instructions about how you want them to take care of your assets for your Beneficiaries. Often, it will tell them that, if you are the first to die, you want them to treat your spouse as the main or sole beneficiary for the rest of his or her life, and that you then want them to treat the next generations equally, in turns, as far as possible.
  • With a will drafted in accordance with Muslim traditions, it tells your executors how you want them to share out your assets, if you want them to vary the Muslim rules of succession.

The cost of a Memorandum of Wishes is £90 for a single person and £135 (less than £70 each) for a couple, but is included with a Family Trust Will, which is in turn included with our Testamentary, Intermediate and Comprehensive Estate Plans.


"I decided to get advice about making my will because I was about to travel abroad with my children for the first time in many years. My financial advisor recommended Will Written. I appreciated being able to have a consultation at home, so that I could discuss my situation in confidence. I was able to ask wide-ranging questions and Gina’s knowledge and expertise were reassuring. An estate plan was created for me that exactly suited my needs, resources, family and dependents. I have the peace of mind of having made a will that ensures my assets are safely passed to my children at the end of my life. I also have added protection if I become ill or disabled, because I have made a Lasting Power of Attorney appointing my best friend to manage my affairs if I lose the ability to manage them for myself. "

Christine J

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