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Making things easy for your family

Making things easier for your family after you're gone

Probate Guarantee

Easy access to legal help at controlled cost.

Our Probate Guarantee gives your family the confidence to obtain the legal advice and representation they will need after your death -  without worrying about costs getting out of control.

With our Probate Guarantee, your family can be represented by our colleagues at ACSL Ltd, solicitors, for half of the normal hourly rate. And that’s not all – the overall cost of ACSL’s work is capped at 1.5% of the value of your estate, no matter how much work is needed to administer your estate.

This guarantees that your beneficiaries will have at least 98.5% of the estate available to inherit after solicitors’ fees, to distribute or to place into the trusts created in your will.

This will be particularly useful for your family when the government introduces a massive, totally arbitrary change to the fees charged by Probate Registries for issuing Grants of Probate. The cost of administering an estate is about to rise significantly as a result of this change, so the ability to control the expense of administering your estate with discounted and capped solicitors’ costs will be a godsend for your family.

Many families try to administer estates on their own without legal help, for fear of the cost of using a solicitor. As a result, they sometimes run into difficulties and end up incurring more expense bringing in solicitors to get them out of trouble. By making use of the Probate Guarantee, you can make sure your family have the support they need to administer your estate properly from the outset, without having to worry about uncontrolled solicitors’ fees.

The cost of a Probate Guarantee is £795.00 if you are single and £1195.00 (less than £600.00 each) if you are a couple.
The Probate Guarantee is also included with our Comprehensive Estate Plan.

"I am a retired divorcee with a complicated family situation. Allowing my estate to be distributed in line with to the intestacy rules when I am gone would not have been a fair reflection of my wishes, so I knew it was vital that I make a will. I wanted to ensure that particular members of my family were provided for. I also have a child who is self-employed, and I was worried about providing for her in case her business failed and her inheritance was seized by the Insolvency Service. Will Written have created an estate plan for me that places my assets into a trust when I am gone, so that the trustees can manage my assets and keep them in the family."

John M

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