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How an inheritance went missing in error.

How you can prevent this happening to you.

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My video explaining how a simple keystroke error almost cost someone their £100k+ inheritance … and what easy action you can take to safeguard yourself against such a thing happening to you.

This is the kind of story that keeps lawyers awake at night! A simple keystroke error meant that a person's bank details were slightly wrong, and his inheritance, of more than £100,000, was transferred to another customer at his bank. As if that wasn't bad enough, the other customer decided to hang on to the money and started spending it! And worse still, the bank wouldn't help...

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Luckily, he got the money back in the end, although it cost a fortune in legal fees and he had to battle to get his costs reimbursed.

There's a bonus tip included in the video to help you make sure this can never happen to you. And of course, should you ever need any help with inheritance issues, just use the form below to send us a message, or give us a call on 0151 601 5399.

"I am a retired divorcee with a complicated family situation. Allowing my estate to be distributed in line with to the intestacy rules when I am gone would not have been a fair reflection of my wishes, so I knew it was vital that I make a will. I wanted to ensure that particular members of my family were provided for. I also have a child who is self-employed, and I was worried about providing for her in case her business failed and her inheritance was seized by the Insolvency Service. Will Written have created an estate plan for me that places my assets into a trust when I am gone, so that the trustees can manage my assets and keep them in the family."

John M

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