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Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance from Care Costs

Life is full of uncertainties, and as responsible parents and grandparents, it's only natural to worry about what the future holds for your loved ones.

One of the most significant concerns families face is how to safeguard their children's inheritance from being eroded by care costs later in life. We’re here to provide you with insights and strategies to ensure your hard-earned assets benefit your family for generations to come.

The Cost of Care and Its Impact

As we age, the possibility of needing long-term care becomes more likely. Unfortunately, the expenses associated with care services can be substantial, and they have the potential to deplete your assets rapidly. This raises an important question: How can you secure your children's inheritance, ensuring it's not consumed by the cost of care?

Strategies to Preserve Your Legacy

The Right Estate Plan

A well-structured estate plan can make all the difference. By working closely with our team at, you can explore various legal avenues that allow you to allocate your assets strategically while considering the potential costs of care.

Harnessing the Power of Trusts

Trusts are a flexible tool for to safeguarding your assets for the benefit of your children. They can be sued provide for your children’s long term needs while ensuring that the funds are shielded from potential care costs.

Lifetime Gifting

Gifting assets to your children during your lifetime is a wonderful way to let you see your children enjoy the fruits of your life’s work. They can also be can be an effective strategy for ensuring your assets are not diverted away to meet care costs. By doing so in mid-life while you’re still fit and well, you can potentially reduce the potential future  impact of care costs.

Our Approach

Our touchstones are  knowledge and collaboration. Above all we want you to have a clear understanding of your options so that you can make informed decisions. We will guide you through the complexities of estate planning, addressing your concerns with compassion and expertise.

The Power of Preparation

Preparing for the future isn't about dwelling on the negatives; it's about taking proactive steps to protect your family's well-being. By addressing the issue of care costs now, you can provide your children with a solid financial foundation and peace of mind, no matter what lies ahead.

We understand the importance of securing your children's inheritance. Through careful planning and thoughtful strategies, you can navigate the challenges posed by care costs and ensure that your legacy remains intact. We are here to support you every step of the way, offering insights and guidance that put your family's best interests at the forefront.

If you're ready to explore options that will protect your children's inheritance from care costs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Your family's future deserves the attention it requires. Feel free to give us a call on 015 604 5399 or send us a message via the form below

"As a single person with no dependants I wanted to ensure that in the event of my death my assets would be given to the people that I wanted - Gina sorted it simply and in plain english - that’s a real comfort. Thanks!!"

Traci W

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