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Will my estate be affected by Inheritance Tax? How much will have to be paid? Answers here...

Video Blog - Inheritance Tax and You

Will my estate be affected by Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax and the latest in our occasional series of video guides presented by our resident Estate Planning Expert, Gina Stanton, answering the questions most often asked by the people we help and the readers of our blog.

This video provides some quick answers to the basic questions many people ask themselves: -

  • Will my estate be affected by Inheritance Tax?
  • How much will have to be paid?
  • How does the new Residence Nil Rate Band work?
  • How does Inheritance Tax affect married couples?
  • What can be done to manage the liability?

If these are questions on your mind, you’re not alone. There is a groundswell of opinion that Inheritance Tax is unfair and unworkable, because it’s double-taxation – tax on assets acquired with already-taxed income – and it’s an insensitive imposition on grieving families.

This video will provide you with a starting point, and from there it’s important to seek proper advice about your individual circumstances, to minimise the impact of this tax on your family.

For more specific guidance on your circumstances, feel free to give us a call on 0151 601 5399, or to get in touch by completing the contact form below.

"Recent life events brought home to me the importance of making sure that my beautiful grown up daughter, who is my pride and joy, is well provided for. After a very in-depth consultation, during which my circumstances were considered from all angles, a carefully tailored estate plan was prepared for me, which addressed all my concerns fully. As a result, I am now confident and reassured that my assets are safe from erosion and that my daughter’s future is secure."

Kim D

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