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Two intelligent decisions to preserve your kids' inheritance

Video Blog - How to Protect your House from Care Fees

This is the biggest issue for more mature parents whose kids have flown the nest - how can we save the kids' inheritance from being wiped out by care fees?

When the family home is your main asset, and you want it to be inherited by your children some day, the last thing you want is to worry that your kids may be left with nothing if you end up needing residential care in your old age. Thankfully, for couples, there are two magic tools from your estate planning box of tricks that can cut this issue right down to size: a Declaration of Severance and a Right of Occupation. 

So, click here for a short video tutorial explaining what it's all about.


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"Although we didn't think our financial affairs or family arrangements were particularly complicated, Gina talked us through all the things we should consider to ensure what we put in place was right for us and our family. She is clearly very knowledgeable and gave us lots of advice and guidance and explained everything so we understood the implications of our decisions. The paperwork was drawn up quickly and accurately based on our discussions. She also helped my parents with their estate planning. She reviewed their current arrangements and has drawn up lasting Powers of Attorney for them both. Again, everything was explained clearly and sensitively and I know my parents are also very happy with the service they received. I would happily recommend WillWritten to anyone considering making a Will or looking to review their estate planning. "

Amanda Rudham

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