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Take me to Court (as your barrister of course!)

Barrister Raj Kanda tells us how a revolution in legal services means you can access his help directly.

Have you ever considered instructing a barrister?

Access to legal services has changed and you can now instruct a barrister directly. People have lots of different views on what they think barristers do and what they are like. Just don’t believe everything you see on the television - most barristers are just normal people like everyone else!

Barristers and solicitors are both ‘lawyers,’ but to explain the difference between the two - in general terms solicitors will do a lot of the work necessary in preparing a case, whilst the barrister’s job is to then present the case in court. Like me, barristers are usually self-employed, whereas solicitors work as part of a larger team within a firm. Barristers and solicitors work together, but depending on a person’s specific needs, it’s easy for anyone to instruct a barrister directly - which could save them money in the longer term.

What do I do?

Personally, I specialise in family law. I help people who have split from their partner and can’t reach an agreement about matters such as with whom, and where, the children should live. I also assist individuals who want a divorce and need guidance in deciding how their assets should be split.

Another part of my work is helping the increasing number of people who find themselves in violent and/or abusive relationships and need the protection of the law from what is an unhappy and sometimes dangerous environment. Whatever the circumstances, this is a daunting position to be in.

Can I help?

I often find that once people have the opportunity to talk to me and explain any fears they might have, things don’t seem quite as bad as they first thought. It’s one of the reasons I am happy to provide a free, 30 minute, no-obligation consultation.

In addition to potentially saving money, instructing a barrister directly means you have freedom of choice. As for the price, you will agree a fixed fee with your chosen barrister in advance - which is important if you have a budget to stick to. You can pick and choose exactly when you seek out advice, or when you need certain documents to be prepared. If it suits your circumstances, you can even do all the work that’s needed behind the scenes yourself, and then ask a barrister to go to court on your behalf.

So, don’t worry. If you have a legal issue relating to a family or divorce issue that requires representation in court, give me a call (remember that free 30 min consultation!) and let’s see if I can help you.

Raj can be contacted by email at or by phone on 0115 896 1983 

"Although we didn't think our financial affairs or family arrangements were particularly complicated, Gina talked us through all the things we should consider to ensure what we put in place was right for us and our family. She is clearly very knowledgeable and gave us lots of advice and guidance and explained everything so we understood the implications of our decisions. The paperwork was drawn up quickly and accurately based on our discussions. She also helped my parents with their estate planning. She reviewed their current arrangements and has drawn up lasting Powers of Attorney for them both. Again, everything was explained clearly and sensitively and I know my parents are also very happy with the service they received. I would happily recommend WillWritten to anyone considering making a Will or looking to review their estate planning. "

Amanda Rudham

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