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How to cut your IHT liability right down to size

Shielding your Buy to Let Portfolio from Inheritance Tax

This is a quick video introduction to seven ideas you can explore to manage your exposure to Inheritance Tax if you're a buy-to let investor

If you've built up a rental portfolio for income, the chances are that you will have quite hair raising exposure to Inheritance Tax liabilities in the future. But if you make some sensible and timely decisions, with proper professional help, you can manage that problem and even make it go away altogether. 

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"I am a retired divorcee with a complicated family situation. Allowing my estate to be distributed in line with to the intestacy rules when I am gone would not have been a fair reflection of my wishes, so I knew it was vital that I make a will. I wanted to ensure that particular members of my family were provided for. I also have a child who is self-employed, and I was worried about providing for her in case her business failed and her inheritance was seized by the Insolvency Service. Will Written have created an estate plan for me that places my assets into a trust when I am gone, so that the trustees can manage my assets and keep them in the family."

John M

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