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How to cut your IHT liability right down to size

Shielding your Buy to Let Portfolio from Inheritance Tax

This is a quick video introduction to seven ideas you can explore to manage your exposure to Inheritance Tax if you're a buy-to let investor

If you've built up a rental portfolio for income, the chances are that you will have quite hair raising exposure to Inheritance Tax liabilities in the future. But if you make some sensible and timely decisions, with proper professional help, you can manage that problem and even make it go away altogether. 

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"Recent life events brought home to me the importance of making sure that my beautiful grown up daughter, who is my pride and joy, is well provided for. After a very in-depth consultation, during which my circumstances were considered from all angles, a carefully tailored estate plan was prepared for me, which addressed all my concerns fully. As a result, I am now confident and reassured that my assets are safe from erosion and that my daughter’s future is secure."

Kim D

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